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  • performance based on proven technologies
  • professional design execution with over 35 years of experience in the building sector

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Łukasz Konieczny
Head of Sales and Business Development
e-mail: lukasz.konieczny@jakon.pl
tel: +48 607 559 503

The total usable area is
10 577 sqm.



Komorniki, Polna Street

mapka pomaranczowa

Map of Poznań

1 km to Poznań City

Located in one of the major cities in Poland - in the industral zone of the capital city of the region.

18 km to Ławica airport

Easy access to international airport with daily flights connecting wordlwide.

900 m to A2

Conveniently located less then 1 km away from a major highway connecting Poland with the rest of Europe.

2 km to S5

Centrally located LOGISTIC HUB - well connected with all regions of Poland.

  • Poot area up to 24 000,00 sqm
  • Area of the freezer warehouse 9 200,00 sqm
  • Area of the office building 290,00 sqm
  • Number of docks: 11 pcs
  • Height to the attic: 15 m




  • Chamber no 1 – area approx. 3 443 sqm
  • Chamber no 2 – area approx. 1 690 sqm
  • Chamber no 3 – area approx. 1 690 sqm

In each chamber possibility to set a different temperature from 0 °C down to -24 °C with height up to 12 m to the ceiling.

  • Room for unloading pallets in temp. -2 °C to 0 °C
  • Room for frozen pallets with temp. -18 °C, that can be immediately moved to the chamber
  • Separated room with -2 °C for different business with separated chamber
  • Shock freezing chambers with temp. down to -40 °C – 2 pcs.
  • Technical rooms, i.e. chemical products warehouse, packaging warehouse, room battery charging,
    waste room form cat.3
  • Room for cleaning and washing crates
  • Freezing chamber no 1 – up to 4000 MJ/sqm
  • Freezing chamber no 2 – over 4000 MJ/sqm
  • Freezing chamber no 3 – over 4000 MJ/sqm
  • Cooling part – up to 4000 MJ/sqm
The entire facility is prepared for maximum fire loads without the need for a sprinkler system.



  • Each blast freezing chamber prepared for 36 pallets
  • Each freezer has 190 kW of cooling capacity, which means that it’s prepared for 36 tons of poultry meat (36 pallet of 1000 mg at temp. of 5 degrees) which can be frozen to temperature of – 24 °C within 22,5 hours
  • We foresee racking space for approximately 18 000 pallets
  • 9 263 pallet places are planned in chamber no 1, which gives 75% of the mobile racking system
    and 25% of the stables
  • Up to 9 000 pallet places in chamber 2 and 3, rails for the assembly of movable racks in rooms
  • The ground heating system was installed in the freezing store building and the floor heating
    in the cooling part and office building
  • In both cases, the installation is supplied with hear recovered form machines of the cooling installation

  • Ecological cooling installation using carbon dioxide
  • Low global warming potential – GWP
  • Eight independent refrigeration systems ensuring work safety, based on CO refrigerant
  • Eight transcritical Boostes units based on Bitzer compressors
  • Eight Alfa Lu-Ve Gascoolers
  • Industrial air coolers of the German company Goedhart (48 pcs. In total all chambers https://coldstorage.pl/wp-content/uploads/2024/02/Gazex-logo.png
  • Gazex CO₂, detection system https://coldstorage.pl/wp-content/uploads/2024/02/Gazex-logo.png
  • Danfoss automation and controlling system https://coldstorage.pl/wp-content/uploads/2024/02/Gazex-logo.png
  • Cooling installation made of acid-resistant steel pipes
  • Electrical installation – main switchboard for refrigeration, intermediate switchboards for each cooler
  • Full infrastructure monitoring system
  • Waste heat recovery system with hot water supply of an agreed parameter for heating the social part and for heating the floor in buffer zones and heating the ground under the floors of the freezer
  • Coolers defrost system with heat recovery in all freezers except shocking freezing chambers
  • CE certification – process of assessing the compliance of product parameters with requirements set out in the EU New Approach directives.
  • Two transformers with capacity 1600 kVA each
  • Basic version of the installation with a power of 100 kW
  • Possibility of increasing up to 500 kW
  • 9 stainless steel scales embedded in the floor
  • dimensions 150×150 cm
  • maximum load of 1500 kg

    All works will ensure proper storage conditions in accordance with the current veterinary requirements and health and safety regulations. The facility’s operation will enable the storage of up to 14,500 tons of frozen food products of animal origin and up to 4,525 tons of frozen bakery products and vegetables.

    The freezing chambers will be equipped with devices for continuous temperature measurement and recording 
    with a record every half an hour. Frozen goods for storage will be received in the temperature lock room, and will be released through loading and unloading ramps with sealing sleeves, which will allow for maintain the appropriate temperature of products and freezing continuity without compromising the quality of the products.

  • BMS system – management system for automatic control systems in the building
  • CCTV – monitoring of outdoor squares, office building and warehouse, monitoring
    of entrances / passages in the facility
  • SSWIN – burglary and assault signalling system
  • Gates opened by induction loops/radars
  • High-speed gates in the area of preparation of goods for loading
  • Charging station for electric cars 2x 22kW
  • Office building equipment: SSP installations, air conditioning, ventilation, access control
  • External rainwater retention tank
  • Sanitary sewage discharged to a septic tank – installation prepared for connection to the municipal
    sewage system
  • Separate engine room / technical part of the facility – separated by fire from the hall and office building
  • The whole plot fenced with a panel fence with a sliding gate
  • The possibility of extending the CCTV installation with additional cameras
  • Possibility of installing a 1400 kVA power generator, which will stars automatically in the event of a failure to maintain the facility’s operation
  • The possibility of increasing the photovoltaic installation by 400 kW
  • delivery of forklifts and wrappers
  • movable racks in chamber 2 and 3



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Łukasz Konieczny
Head of Sales and Business Development

tel: +48 607 559 503
e-mail: lukasz.konieczny@jakon.pl

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